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Rebecca is a graduate of commercial photography and is now a food photographer and videographer.She resides in London, England.“A stunning book, full of beautiful chic photography and recipes for mouthwatering meals.” —A Literary Cocktail“Stunning color photography and simple recipes that won't break the bank.” —Daily Echo“Full of great recipes for alternative date nights and days.” —Sparkles at Midnight"Sweet, spicy, and deliciously romantic!I ultimately focused on showing up in the world, all over the world, doing completely awesome stuff, and living an incredible life, as much as possible. Learning about myself, in relationship to other people, and specifically in relationship to men, also became fun.And as a result, I started meeting lots more smart, engaged, caring gentlemen, all around the world, online and off. This was just one of literally hundreds of Challenges I’ve issued to myself over the years.It was too outcome oriented for me, too artificial.

(Eventually, she learned how to play it herself.) And in the Game of Life she somehow aced school, got married when she was really young, had a kid, got divorced, and got married and divorced again.By the time she was single for the first time in her adult life, at 36, Tara had been married over 20 years of her lifetime! She went to lots of therapy, changed a lot of her worldview, wrote a lot, prayed a lot, meditated a lot, walked a lot, danced a lot, sang a lot, played a lot.But at some point, Tara decided it was time to learn how to date. At the end of the ten weeks, Tara took her profile down.As such, it sets itself apart from other women’s magazines.If you're interested in intelligent topics like personality and how the huge changes happening in the world of work, consumption and social media will affect you, this is a must-buy.