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Enabling a GAL sync account will permit browsing and paging of the global address list when selecting contacts during message composition with the Zimbra web client.

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For example, consider this external GAL configuration for AD: ## Get Domain zmprov gd | grep -i gal zimbra Gal Ldap Bind Dn: CN=galsync, OU=Service Accounts, OU=Servers, DC=Corp, DC=domain, DC=com zimbra Gal Ldap Bind Password: the Password zimbra Gal Ldap Filter: ad zimbra Gal Ldap Page Size: 1000 zimbra Gal Ldap Search Base: DC=Corp, DC=domain, DC=com zimbra Gal Ldap URL: ldap:// zimbra Gal Max Results: 100 zimbra Gal Mode: both zimbra Gal Sync Internal Search Base: DOMAIN ## Get Datasource zmprov gds [email protected]# name Active Directory GAL # type gal object Class: zimbra Data Source object Class: zimbra Gal Data Source zimbra Create Timestamp: 20090728211318Z zimbra Data Source Enabled: TRUE zimbra Data Source Folder Id: 257 zimbra Data Source Id: 4c94f205-43fb-4706-a13b-8ce64eadde4e zimbra Data Source Name: Active Directory GAL zimbra Data Source Polling Interval: 1d zimbra Data Source Type: gal zimbra Gal Last Failed Sync Timestamp: 20090818071009Z zimbra Gal Last Successful Sync Timestamp: 20090925155938Z zimbra Gal Status: enabled zimbra Gal Type: ldap If the external GAL was configured on the command line, or is already configured without a datasource, zmgsautil can be used to setup the external LDAP datasource.

Every domain in the Zimbra installation can have a single Active Directory or external LDAP GAL configuration.

The first external datasource for the galsync account will use the external LDAP or Active Directory GAL configuration.

Support for Outlook 2000 was dropped with Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 only supports Outlook 2003 (post SP2). In the diagram below you can see this server is performing public folder AND web based distribution, this is probably because you ticked this box when you installed the product.

Exchange 2013 only supports Outlook 2007 (post SP3 and cumulative update), and Outlook 2010 must be at SP1 with cumulative update. For public folder distribution ensure the public folder database is mounted, and at least one server holds a replica.