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After months of increasing anguish, Santino had the healthy dog put to sleep Tuesday.

After he put Rocco down, Santino gave some of his dog treats to the doorman of the building with tears flowing down his face.

Santino was then threatened with a 0 fine for having a barking dog, neighbors said.

“The dog was not a barker, but somebody complained that the dog would bark,” Cleary said.

“People were complaining about his dog,” said neighbor Kevan Cleary, 63, an adjunct professor at Brooklyn Law School.

“It was open season on him.” Rocco couldn’t ride in the main elevators and wasn’t allowed to be left in the apartment alone for more than nine hours.

He looks SO much better when he shaves…) She can’t help but smile, because Jennifer Lopez feels good about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

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It was especially traumatic because his mother had graduated from the college.

So it’s surprising that he has a negative incident in his past that’s not so nice – it happened while he was a Junior at Sarah Lawrence College.

Nev was photographing people at an LGBTQ dance without permission.

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